Natural Bioethics Philosophy

By: Dr. Norman Gonzalez-Chacón – Translated from: La Filosofía Bioética Natural in this blog

A wise French philosopher, Dr. Edgar Morin, recognized for his achievements in the field of education, bioethics and complex thinking instituted very ingeniously, the “seven knowledge” necessary for the education of the future. Incidentally, these seven concepts listed masterfully by this distinguished educator, coincide with Our bioethical philosophy. 

The first of the seven knowledge focuses on the blindness of knowledge: the error and illusion that characterize the human condition of this century that lives in the uncertainty of knowledge that traditional education has left in all disciplines.

Considering that diversity and complexity are part of that knowledge, it is essential to arm the minds of the participants of this century for the vital fight towards lucidity. According to Dr. Morín: «It is necessary to introduce and develop in education, the study of the brain, mental and cultural characteristics of human knowledge, its processes and modalities, the psychic and cultural provisions that allow to risk error or illusion».

This study that creates the entropy of the functional thermodynamics of words, wisdom and sanity is similar to the physical thermodynamic action that is practiced in natural medicine to get the body to react biologically in the direction of recovery.

The modern natural medicine that we practice is based on the principles of purest and at the same time scientific traditional natural medicine, which is practiced and taught in the world today. It arises from the basic principles of natural laws that govern the universe and that are indispensable for the health of the human being, animals, nature and the planet.

The universal medicine for nations must arise from the fruit of plants, plants, medicinal herbs, pure water, pure air and harmony in all systems, including and most important, the human beings and their Creator. When these forces work together on the principles of physical, biological, environmental and universal Divine laws, the results are surprisingly powerful in action and lasting in their effects.

Scientific Fundaments

The scientific basis of natural bioethic medicine is applied immunology.  Part of the premise or axiom «that our body rejects and destroys every foreign cell from animals and congeners». Taking that known scientific experience that has been the biological obstacle for the greed of modern science to transplant all kinds of animal and human organs to people, we can conclude that:

  1. Each person has a different, specific DNA and a particular inheritance that makes it distinct and unique.
  • A healthy body with good immune defenses rejects and destroys every   animal and human cell that penetrates the immune barrier.
  • Consuming meat from dead animals causes an immunological reaction of rejection that alter natural defenses, and resources that the body can otherwise use for their health, well-being and long life.

In tune with this reality, modern medicine does human-to-human transplants, but its success is conditioned on manipulating or suppressing the immune system with immunosuppressants drugs so that the body cannot reject and destroy the transplanted organ. Chemical immunosuppressants shorten the life and quality of life, risking the recipient to recurrent infections of all kinds.

The Natural Method

In natural bioethical medicine, the need for transplantation is avoided, saving the affected organ in time, before it collapses.  In order to save the organ and have the body regenerate successfully, innate immune forces must be preserved.  For this, it is necessary to avoid contact and remove from the food all animal products and avoid physical contact with animals, which must be completely restricted.  During the process of elimination, the immune system assisted by a detoxifying program, the body initiates a process of cell regeneration. 

For this reason, the actual healing taking into consideration the “causes” is not necessarily the disappearance of symptoms.  In other words, the medicine that suppresses the symptoms is not able to address the cause, even if you see the symptoms disappear.

Since the symptoms does not always represents the cause that created the malady, it is important to determine the cause to treat it appropriately. That is the reason for the existence of natural bioethic medicine.  It is bioethics because it arises from the application of inviolable principles that are part of the code of nature.

Bioethical Principles

Nature is governed by absolute natural laws that control physics and biological life as well. When it comes to violating, altering and diverting the natural course of things, the dire consequences of each precept that is violated are suffered. One of the most known natural laws is, “the law of gravity”, discovered by Isaac Newton. Anyone who challenges or violate this law, incurs in serious risks. Another universal law is, «all that man sows is what he harvests.»  For this reason, every act against nature turns against man himself, and every act against man is an offense against nature, against the Creator and against all its components.  For this reason, bioethic medicine has to have these three essential basic components:

  1. It has to be highly scientific and logical.
  2. It has to be governed by the laws of nature.
  3. It has to arise from plant base nature and depends on the natural remedies as medicine.

Humanity has failed to follow the laws of nature.  Human beings have violated all physical, biological, chemical and moral laws.  The consequences are manifested: diseases of all kinds, epidemics, cancer, congenital malformations, premature aging, mental illness, environmental and irretrievable damage with serious consequences to nature and human health. That is in part the result of the failure in modern education.

Natural Conflicts

The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found it very difficult to define what is natural and what is not, because they do not have a clear measure of where to set the parameters of one thing and the other.  Thousands of lawsuits have thrived on claims to product companies that have used the word «natural» on the label of a product that cannot necessarily be classified that way, having been processed or grown unnaturally.

The term «natural» has been used and abused in the extreme, and the FDA’s most recent recommendation is not to use it in any product as a claim of its purity and nature, unless by its characteristics it can be obviously identified and ensure its natural purity. Similarly, «natural» medicine has been attacked, persecuted and restricted in many places because its practitioners and proponents have not been able to adequately defend it due to the lack of scientific basis and educational preparation.

Scientific Advances

Science has brought important discoveries that are necessary and vital to discover the truth that may be hidden in life’s intricate mazes, but it has also violated many natural laws that should have been protected to preserve the balance of the echo-biology.

DNA testing is an example of this important contribution that the scientific genome analysis has created to identify paternity, genetic trends, chromosomal defects, and countless more legal, scientific, biological, and transcendental situations for many purposes that were not previously intended.

But science has also raised questions that are discussed in courts and scientific circles without creating an absolute criterion that allows for effective legislation to be seen in all cases. Such is the case that determines when human life begins, and the zygote becomes a person; there are discrepancies between different groups of society that defend different positions in this regard.

Situations occur that force you to create clear and defined criteria. Science and religion face challenges that end in court of law where justice sometimes leans to one or the most popular side, injuring with the decision the rights of other. For example: a sperm-fertilized egg implanted in a woman’s womb not knowing who the donor is. How can the child’s paternity be determined in the future?

For every new situation that science creates, it is necessary to have a legal and ethical criterion that defines it to answer the different questions that must inevitably arise as a result of the different situations to be presented to the lives of people when arises.

Natural medicine is no exception to this rule and cases have been filed, and cases will continue to be presented, where it is required before the legal decision, the ethics to follow and a bioethical response that accompanies it for its proper moral, ethical and legal order and procedure.

The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, summarized the problem of disease and medicine masterfully presented, when he said, «May your food be your medicine and that your medicine be your food,» he laid the clear foundation for modern medical bioethics.

Pure natural medicine must validate on that historical phrase, the Hippocratic postulate: Medicine has to be food and food must be medicine. In our half-century practice we have seen the clear validation of this scientific assertion.  We have summarized the healing process to the maximum efficiency, minimizing time and reducing discomfort and symptoms of diseases that conventional medicine doesn’t offer any cure.

Under the premise of the Hippocrates postulate, almost all known diseases can be cured and many of the congenital problems affecting more than 30% of the children being born today could be avoided. Hippocrates was correct, the food that people eat, makes them sick and through a healthy way of eating and proper food they can be cured.  If we set the right balance, people can live many years without getting sick, taking care of their diet to become their preventive medicine. Due to the processes that have affected the agriculture industry and the preparation of food under modern technological processes, the overall feeding of the world’s population is at risk and making them sick. Such interventions that alter nature does not promote good medicine or prevention.

Chemical fertilization, hybridization, genetic manipulation, the use of pesticides and modern methods of cultivation such as hydroponics using various chemical products, make modern food not able to comply with the Hippocratic postulate “to be thy medicine”. 

The Anti-diet

Therefore, we have had to resort to innovative mechanisms and great scientific creativity in order to use the food available in world markets more safely and effectively.  To make food to be medicine and medicine from food, the medicine people need to heal, we’ve created what we call «anti-diet.»  The «anti-diet» is the antithesis of the common food eaten and diet practiced by modern societies called «the general diet» which is the way of eating that peoples follow traditionally and that establishes the food cultures of the different regions of the world. Anti-diet is nothing but a way of fasting.  If the premise is that people get sick from what they eat, the logical thing is that by fasting it heals.  The premise is correct; since ancient times it is known that by fasting, people cure their ills and diseases.

Recent research from the University of Southern California, led by Dr. Valter Longo, indicates that fasting cures cancer.  What cures cancer can cure any other disease and indeed, that has been our experience in almost 50 years of work in natural medicine.  If fasting is supported by pure water, natural herbal teas, liquid amino acids and enzymatic fruits, it does not become so difficult for people that has got sick from eating incorrectly.  Enzyme fruits are apple, which contains pectin, papaya containing papain and pineapple containing bromelain.

Different types of fasting can be made according to the needs or particularities of the case and the severity of the situation.  In our long experience, we saw extraordinary, surprising and wonderful results in cases where modern medical science had no resources of any kind. We have use fasting programs that adjust to each case depending on the severity of the case. The ingesting protocol and the amounts are established in its frequency and taking into consideration every particular case. 

In hospitals, a fasting pattern with intravenous feeding is followed to stabilize the patient who arrives in critical condition and has not been diagnosed.  He is not fed until he has emerged from the crisis and the danger has passed. Fasting is nothing new, when animals feel sick, they fast, eat herbs or plants. Their instinct tells them to avoid regular food and if they are free in their natural habitat, they recover quickly by fasting.

We have created the concept of “sustained fasting” based on Daniel’s biblical experience in the court of Babylon (Daniel 1:11), the Israelites’ experience through the wilderness who ate manna.  Jesus’ preparation in the wilderness to begin his unique ministry included a 40 day fasting in the dessert. Many of the natural laws that we must observe to prevent disease, pests and epidemics are well expose in the Bible. In Genesis 1:29, we have the instructions, directly from our Creator. We also find laws of morality and hygiene that were intended to prevent many diseases and problems that exist today.  There are also laws concerning agriculture, the proper use of land, how to plant on the field and the rest of the land, for the preservation of natural resources, human health, environmental and general hygiene of the planet and many other laws relating to universal health.

We can’t pretend to be cured by drugs and chemical medication.  Modern pharmaceutical company is aimed to treat symptoms and alleviate the conditions that people suffer from their ignorance of health laws.  Every chemical drug has side effects and under the effects the body cannot cure.  The use and abuse of antibiotics has created strains of strengthened bacteria (super bacteria) that are resistant to everything known and that kill many by widespread infections of all kinds.

Natural medicine uses prebiotics and probiotics that strengthen the immune system and increase the body’s ability to successfully resist new and strengthened bacteria, fungi and virus. However, under fasting, sustained fasting or simple ways of eating, the body activates its regenerative capabilities and begins a process of general detoxification and cell restoration. That process can be assisted with medicinal plants and herbs that bring phytonutrients to the cells.  Note: You should never mix or combine multiple plants at once. Any combination or formulation in which more than three or four plants are used should be discarded unless prepared by someone aware of the chemical interaction of the compounds and properties of each plant.

You should start with one and the add the others so as not to overload the system with a lot of chemistry, which although natural, can interfere with immune processes and instead of assisting, can delay or hinder the biology of restoration.  In these processes, most of the time, less is more.

The healing processes of nature in the human body are different from how they occur in the laboratory.  The body does not always follow the pattern seen in the Petri dish, the microscope or in the in-test tube of an in vitro. We can help nature, but we cannot force it to act according to our selfish desires.  Nature acts according to laws that we ignore but invariably follow the line of least resistance. Sometimes a process is aborted at a place we don’t anticipate. For example: a detoxification process that we expect to occur through the intestine and kidneys, emerges through the skin causing a strong rash that may look like psoriasis or dermatitis when in fact it is a cleansing process that should not be interrupted no matter how strong the reaction, because when nature choses that route of excretion, it is because it could not use the others, or there were somehow blocked or incapacitated to work normally.

The tendency of modern medicine is to block the secretion of histamine with antihistamines. For example: Benadryl produces a reduction in smooth muscle contraction, causing diphenhydramine to act as an immunosuppressant and neutralize the allergic, hives or kinetic reaction that caused dermatitis, which in the case at hand, was neither an allergy nor an anaphylactic reaction but a process of cleansing and detoxification that nature used to eliminate through the skin for reasons we do not know , but we suspect that by the nature of the drug, the liver, intestine or kidneys could not do so. When administering antihistamines, the process is paralyzed and immune shock may be of such a nature that the side effects of diphenhydramine are amplified and cause cardiac arrest or severe comatose state, renal failure and even death.

For this reason, we cannot impose a heavier burden than the existing and the cleansing and detoxification process should be simple and as slow as possible, without mixing many plants or formulations, to avoid strong reactions that frighten the patient or their families and that cause them to return to a hospital interrupting the healing process of cleanse.  In the hospital they do not understand the difference between an apparent pathology and a detox crisis and treat the case as an emergency or critical condition.  Trying to stabilize the patient will paralyze the detox process.

In our experience, the combination of medicinal herbs and plants to be used during any healing process should be carefully chosen to avoid the interaction of phytochemicals and the cancellation of healing effects that can occur, when not properly combined. Dr. Norman’s Natural Products has designed formulas to assist on the process of liver detox, to help balance the blood pressure as well to support the kidneys and regulate blood sugar. The combinations are formulated to work synergistically when use accordingly to the body needs.  Each formula contains a main active ingredient, a conductor that protects it to the area where it is targeted, an enhancer and in some cases a molecular accelerator that serves as a laxative or detoxifier to complete the biological cycle.

Commercial Herbal Formulas

Most herbal products on the market have been formulated following the logistics of conventional medicine. The manufacturers add up ingredients without taking into consideration the synergy and interaction of the various phytochemicals making a product that can work in the body as a drug (antibiotic, vaccine, pain control or an anti-inflammatory), far from creating the intended natural balance within the body.  When we deal with medicinal plants, you should not be mixing one good plant with another believing that the formula is enhanced, because in most cases, some substances cancel out the effect of others.  Therefore, the combination of many plants is a serious mistake made by manufacturers who do not know the healing techniques or the interaction of phytochemicals.  A multi-herbal formula not necessarily will be recognized by the body, and instead of a benefit could produce a rejection, even though their isolated properties could be beneficial.

Simple and Effective

Our recommendation is not to use any plant formula that contains more than five or six active ingredients.  In this way, the patient is not at risk of suffering a severe healing crisis, or that simply the formula does works as expected as it happens very often.  The tendency to add benefits is a general human tendency.  «If something is good when mixed with another good thing must produce something even better”. But when you combine plants or medicinal herbs it’s not always like that.  When a plant is known to be good for a purpose, use it properly and do not mix it with any other plant and wait for the results and effects. That’s how natural treatments need to be managed to be effective, fast, and accurate.  There are combinations of plants that act as drugs when mixed. They hide symptoms just like a chemical steroidal drug does, suppressing the symptom that signals a cause.  Others cancel out their medicinal properties by combining with each other, losing their healing properties.

Natural Medication

Just as simple food can make major healing changes in the body, herbal medication can also be very effective when we keep it simple. When a person is sick, their energy system is highly committed trying to fight the disease and does not have much ability to enter into complicated biological reactions to metabolize a formula of high chemical complexity.  The body simply catabolizes or removes it intact without being able to break it down and use it for its intended benefit.

Modern Miracles

Both simple food and fasting are powerful instruments of healing that if used properly and with a well-founded faith, when combined with the power of nature and the Divine will, they can perform modern miracles of surprising results.

Natural Healing Methods

Every disease can be cure when nature’s remedies are applied.  However, we find sick people that cannot be cured because their general physical and mental condition has suffered an extreme deterioration that will not allow that organism to build healing defenses in order to recover.  The weakened mind in a sick body cannot do much for healing.  However, I have seen cases where a ray of hope given by a competent and knowledgeable professional of human nature ignited the spark of faith in an evicted sick person and put him on the path of recovery.

Psychosomatic Diseases

Most physical illnesses have their emotional, mental and spiritual counterpart.  When a sick patient does not have a major improvement in the first ten days of treatment, an attached emotional or spiritual cause should be sought immediately. How do we know things make us sick? The disease enters the body through the eyes, mouth and ears.  Through sight we are induced by commercial propaganda to consume all kinds of products that are appetizing, wisely made those products that make us salivate even when we are not hungry.  The sight is pleased to appreciate the good taste of those foods and treats that attract attention and arouse the appetite. If the visual presentation is accompanied by convincing sound and music that appeals to the senses, the palate will convince you to try it.  In some cases, the aroma is added, and the attraction of the smell makes it more appetizing.

Structuring our Culture

With our ears we hear other things that can make us sick and that enter the mind and are kept forever next to the visual images that can accompany a good or bad experience.  These images and sounds create our experience and become part of our life and our acquired values that form our character and give rise to our performances and reactions.

We are what we Eat

We can say that in general, we are the ones who eat what we see and what we hear and that is the physiological basis of our character.  When we read a good book, listen to good music or eat a healthy dinner, we are feeding our life experience and self-educating in those disciplines that please us.

But when we read garbage, listen to everything that is heard and eaten from everything that is available, the results of that culture will not be the best, and our physical, emotional and spiritual health will be affected by the information we receive and the food we consume.  Human beings are three-dimensionally composed of body, soul (mind) and spirit.  Similarly, the body consists of three main systems: the digestive system, the circulatory system and the nervous system.

Feed the Three Systems

It is interesting to know that each of the systems has input and output organs, and each system processes the food differently.  The digestive system has as its entrance the mouth, the circulatory system has as entrance the nose and the nervous system has as entrance the eyes and ears.  How we feed these three systems determines our health and personal education to or is called culture. (See section “the three systems” in the Alternativa Natural Journal).

The Transformation of Food into Energy

Physically, the digestive system feeds the biology and functioning of all systems and each system receives the individual transformation of that processed food to its needs and supplemented with its individual contribution that in the circulatory system is air and in the nervous system is electric current.  The digestive system transforms food into lymph and blood plasma, the circulatory system transforms blood plasma into “neuric fluid”, and the nervous system transforms the “neuric fluid” into electrical energy, magnetism and thought. Therefore, the staple food that people consume is a critical element that determines the individual’s physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.  Again, we are what we eat, and our current and future state of health is determined by what we consumed yesterday, what we eat today and possibly eat tomorrow.

Fasting – The Ten-Day Trial

Anyone who wants to test if fasting cures their illness only has to undergo a 10-day experiment.  You don’t necessarily have to go hungry for 10 days in an absolute fast. We have identified several foods that can be used to do a “sustained fasting” without affecting its effectiveness.  If you know how to follow the instructions, if there is a genuine interest, you can fast without suffering the rigors of hunger.  To that way of eating, we name it the “Sustained Fast”.  When fasting is supported by simple foods that DO NOT overload the system, nor provide more than five to ten percent of the total protein of consumption, the body can enter into a healing processes although a little slower than in absolute fasting.

We constantly see on television and in magazines especially kitchen chefs, nutritionists and sellers of kitchen equipment, making smoothies or fruit frappés where they mix all kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheeses, creams, aromatic herbs and even seasonings to prepare these supposedly nutritious and energizing drinks.  This practice is totally contrary to the best interests of health and although any fruit drink replaces a meal and helps to lose weight, sweet fruits should not be mixed with acid fruits, seeds or nuts. The inability of the body to fully process that food will lead to fermentation. This state of decomposition produces alcohol and is harmful to the brain and liver.

The tendency to mix flavors, colors and textures does not always result in a good nutritious process.  Although the nutrition of vegetables or fruits seems to add up when combined, the fermentation or oxidative process can be so fast that the body does not have the ability or opportunity to take advantage of those nutrients and break down its sugars and proteins to turn them into healthy food. During fasting this practice can be disastrous and cancel out all the benefits that fasting offers. However, the healing process, although a little slower, will occur in the same proportion in which the food is consumed: the less food is consumed, the faster the process will be and the sooner the results will be seen.

The Menu May Vary

If the person was used to eating three times a day, they can support fasting with potatoes, carrots, beets and consume enzymatic fruits such as pineapple, apple and papaya.  In the section of the sustained fast (Alternativa Natural) we show various recipes that will show you how to prepare these tubers so that the person can have different ways of preparing their meals through the transition to this new way of eating. 

It´s Easy to Get Use to It

For this reason, the person in fasting should remain isolated from those who continue eating traditional foods to avoid falling into temptation. After the third day, the organism adapts very well to the new food format and begins the process of detoxification and starts the process of healing everything that was affected.  The sense of well-being spreads through organs and systems and “immense joy” takes over every cell, tissue and organ of the body.  The euphoria of that stage is contagious, and the person begins to feel the benefits of change.  They wish everyone around them would also fast so that they could feel the process and such experience. Sometimes a tug-of-war  initiates among families and friends to see who convinces who. 

The Ingredients 

The ingredients used on the sustained fast will increase and the diet will become less monotonous after the initial healing process.  This first stage can last as long as the body needs and some people, whose organs suffered severe damage, will not tolerate returning to their old habits of eating because the immune system will vigorously reject everything that caused damage and will not accept it.

Each case is different and should be analyzed on its merits and particularities.  Although there are general rules and precepts that are common to all cases, each person responds uniquely according to their genetics, cultural, medical and emotional history.  Everything has to do with everything, and differences must be taken into account as part of the individual’s natural reaction in its essence. Under strict practice of the sustained fasting, existing conditions that form symptoms or pathologies should begin to disappear within two to three days, weeks, or months.

Depending on the severity of the case and the time the condition has been present, the amount of chemical, surgical and collateral effects of treatments that have occurred, all this negative burden, along with the degree of emotional distress that has accumulated, will determine the body’s time and reaction to fasting.

Time is the best ally of health after fasting. The optimal test is for10 days when the condition is simple or recent.  In ten days, you should see results that predict the success of the treatment and its duration. If in addition to the conditions, the person is overweight, during the first ten days we will see some weight loss per day. We can also notice how much blood glucose decreases, how much the inflammation reduces, how much the pain decreases, etc. These early days are decisive if the recommendations of fasting are followed and adequately supported or supplemented.  In the magazine Alternativa Natural, there is abundant information about the sustained fasting, as well as cooking recipes, to make it pleasant and varied.

For How Long Can I Fast?

As long as necessary and every case is different.  Some people have been fasting for years. I have practiced sustained fasting for almost 50 years and the results have been good in all respects.  At 80 years old, I do not suffer from any health conditions and despite several serious accidents I have suffered in my life, thanks God, I remain physically and emotionally well.

It all depends on the individual needs of each person, the time they have been suffering, the existing conditions and the severity of them.  There are other aggravators that in due course must be treated simultaneously because they can serve as an impediment to a total recovery of the patient.  These are unresolved emotional conditions and hidden spiritual traumas; offenses and offenders who have not been forgiven, bindings that have existed and that have injured the character and the self-esteem.

Such psychosomatic diseases if they have not been identified, if they exist without diagnosis or treated, may continue to affect the physical functioning of organs and systems even despite fasting.  Resentment, envy, anger, frustrations, arrogance, guilt, and a sense of grief or self-pity, are impediments that, while hosted in mind, will not allow for a complete healing process of existing physical illnesses.

At the Instituto Bioetico Dr. Norman, we evaluate and determine whether the health disorder or imbalance can have a mental, emotional or spiritual basis that requires some alternative treatment or help from other professionals who can address these problems.  A patient who has not successfully responded to the sustained fast in ten days may require special attention in his or her personal life and may be referred to the psychologist, psychiatrist or professional counselor if necessary.  In our long experience we saw many cases of this type and when they were treated properly, all other physical conditions responded immediately with excellent results. Constant pain in the back, or knee or arm, can have a physical origin that can be diagnosed as arthritis, osteoarthritis, lumbago, bursitis, tendinitis, or muscle tearing, but it may be the physical response to a concern that is fixed in the mind and that if not treated in its emotional phase, will never be relieved in your physical part. Childhood frustration traumas make their physical impact on adulthood and cause visible physiological problems that do not respond to medication.

An example of this experience is the chaos of an older lady who lived alone, but healthy and quiet in her home.  Suddenly, the daughter who lived in the United States asked her to go to help her care for her children so she could go out to work. Mrs. M. did not want to leave her country, she did not want to leave her house, her friends and her customs to go to take care of children.  She did not refuse her daughter’s request, even though she did not want to leave her home and comfort zone.  Suddenly, she started having knee and hip pain. The pain was unbearably acute and began to receive treatments, without any results with all kinds of painkillers and physiotherapy.

The pain helped her delay the inevitable journey.  In addition, she said, the pain medications caused her severe gastritis that required more treatment.  Her mind was debated between the desire to help her daughter and her comfort and tranquility in her home.  I would have done everything I could do to help her. The problem made her sick and the disease became an excuse to delay the decision.  Someone recommended that she seek help with natural medicine, so there was Mrs. M. in her appointment looking for help with her knee and back problem.  The naturopath recommended some natural painkiller formula, calcium and sustained fasting.  «Come back in ten days and we’ll see how your problem goes.» She returned two weeks later without much relief and complaining that she was not sleeping well since she began the natural treatment.  

We realized her problem had an emotional connection and confronted her immediately.  She was not sleeping well because the pain began to ease, and she was concerned about healing and having to travel because she did not have the excuse of the disease.  She wanted to heal from the pain, but she was worried about having to travel and leave her house.

Iridology Can Help

Situations like this happen very often and the natural health professional has in his hands very useful tools to detect that kind of problem using iridology.  It is a science that when properly mastered, helps us to have an idea of the general state of health and can determine the origin of many pathologies that can be discovered, determining the cause.  The iris of the eye can reveal emotional states, genetic weaknesses, organic tendencies, accumulation of drugs, formation of atheromatous plaque and many other conditions that due to their pathological or psychopathological importance are significant enough to mark the iris of the eye and alter the neurological system. There will always be an organic area that will bear the physical burden of the problem, even though when the cause is mental or emotional.

For example, by observing with the naked eye you can determine the presence or accumulation of fats and mineral salts that can lead to plaque formation or calcification of the arteries. This whitish ring on the outer edge of the cornea with sclerotic whitening, called in ophthalmology the senile arch, if detected early, can help the person take the necessary steps in their lifestyle and diet for the prevention of cardiovascular problems, which is the leading cause of death in developed countries and almost in all the world.

 Let’s review two examples of pathologies from a natural perspective:

  1. Abscesses: When the person or child has had a first abscess, it is the sign that the body does not have a good mechanism of processing and removing certain toxic proteins form the tumor or abscess.  The preventive and fastest way to remove it is to remove all protein from the diet: milk, eggs, dried grains, cereals, meats, soy, chicken and cheeses of all kinds.  Systematic detoxification with Dr. Norman´s Detoxiplex every day and the application of Sexosterone – Progesterone cream and steam in the abscess area will greatly help and speed up the fistula drainage process.  Fistula is the opening hole that the body produces to get rid of the pus that holds the fermented and decomposed protein, bacteria, death cells, etc., to come out to the exterior of the body.
  • Tonsillitis: Inflammation of the tonsils is mainly due to the overload of bacteria and viruses that accumulate in the area of the tonsils and that come from the intake of wheat, animal milk, sugars and meats.  Removing these products from the patient’s diet should be the first step in the healing process. The use of peppermint oil in inhalations, washing or gargling with water, peppermint and salt, steam facials with eucalyptus and Detoxiplex, taken internally to clean the airways and purify them from pathogens is an excellent aid that keeps the bronchial pathways decongested and prevents dryness of the mucosa that produces coughing and expectoration.

Simple and Efective

Natural Medicine combined with sustained fasting or absolute fasting are excellent healing tools.  When properly applied to the patient’s case and needs, the results are always good and of great help to everyone.


As a preventive method, Natural Bioethical Medicine provides us with the elements and knowledge to avoid almost all known diseases and conditions suffered by humanity.  The ancient naturists said that «an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure» and that assertion is very correct in all postulates. To live according to the laws of nature is to live in harmony with the universe and with oneself.  As we learn the simple rules of health and life, put them into practice and make them part of our daily life, behavior and lifestyle, our organism regenerates cellularly and emotionally.  Many of the genetic defects present in our DNA can regenerate and through epigenetics produce better genetics for future generations.   At least, if we do not have plans to procreate, we can extend our lives and enjoy mental clarity and good health until the last day of life.

Natural Death

You don’t have to get sick to die nor die because a long least of ailments.  Natural death is everyone’s desire.  To die of natural death, you have to live naturally.  Dying while sleeping and not suffering the rigors of death under the influence of toxic drugs and connected to artificial respirators with tubes in the mouth and nose, should be the ideal for the dying process that we want to achieve for ourselves and our loved ones.  The agony produced by drugs, hallucinations, the desperation of not being able to communicate, or of knowing really what is happening, is the greater agony that a human being can experience at that last stage of life.

A life under the influence of chemical medication is the harbinger of a sad, painful or distressing death.  The hallucinations of drugs accumulated in the brain cause dark and exaggerated scenes of the worst events and moments in life.  The grotesque and cruel amplification of personal or family situations, accidents, scenes of guilt, shame and pain that we have long tried to forget and erase from our minds because they were cause of repentance, sadness or suffering, return amplified, exacerbated and with a dramatism far superior to the agony of death under the effects of drugs and mind-blowing in the intensive care room or wherever we are overstated by the time of death or entering the process of leaving the body.  That is a very powerful reason to die of natural death and avoid the agony of scenes that we do not want to remember of our lives, or that we forget and do not remember and that had negative, painful or shameful connotations.  Feelings of guilt, low self-esteem or enmity are grotesquely amplified under the effect of all kinds of chemical drugs.

In my vast half-century experience working in this ministry, I have seen good men of God, even ministers, pronouncing all kinds of improper and obscene words that never were spoke by their mouths before while totally under control.  That is the degrading effect on the soul, chemical drugs, the use of soothing, mind-boggling, steroidal, analgesic and all kinds of drugs.  They don’t allow people to be lucid at the most important and momentous time of their lives.  They prevent people from dying of natural death.  

Live naturally, practice a healthy lifestyle, be in peace with yourself, God and others. Love God, yourself and those that you interact with, and you will live a successful life with joy and satisfaction. That’s the real bioethics!

To be continued…

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